About Us

Origins of RSCM
The RSCM originated in the UK in 1927 as the School of English Church Music and became the Royal School of Church Music by command of King George VI in 1945. There are now branches all over the world.
RSCM Australia was born out of a desire to bring together the former Australian branches of the Royal School of Church Music under a simple administration. RSCM Australia represents a national voice in church music, and aims to develop co-operative and formal links with the major church bodies in Australia. There are over 7,000 active members and affiliates world-wide, and 1,500 supporting friends in over 40 countries.
There are currently active branches is ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC & WA.

Our Goals

  • To preserve in Christian church services the role of quality sacred music
  • To attract those who enjoy quality sacred music and to educate and nurture them in using their talents to present music of beauty, which enhances the worship of God and is an inspiring and enriching experience for us all.
  • To support and inspire church musicians, choir directors, choristers, organists and other instrumentalists.
  • To promote high standards of liturgical music whether traditional or modern, choral or instrumental, simple or difficult.
  • To encourage involvement of clergy, church leaders and congregations
  • To foster friendship amongst church musicians from different denominations and countries.

What we offer

  • RSCM Australia offers members workshops, courses, masterclasses, special services and concerts during the year in capital cities and regional/country areas, which assist church leaders, congregations and musicians in the preparation and presentation of music in worship.
  • An annual week-long residential Summer School of workshops in both Australia and New Zealand. These tutorials and services provide an opportunity for fellowship and enrichment at many levels.
  • The provision to members of a variety of musical resources, published material and structured programmes suitable for choristers of all ages.
  • Australian and New Zealand members receive CMQ (Church Music Quarterly) issued by RSCM UK. It is an invaluable resource with news, articles, repertoire suggestions, and music and CD reviews.
  • State Branches produce a regular (usually bi-monthly) newsletter for their members.