Voice For Life

It is possible to undertake examinations in Australia for Bronze and Silver Awards in Voice for Life. Syllabus details appear on this webpage. If a singer is intending to study for an award, they should contact the Australian coordinator for Voice for Life, John Beaverstock, at least six months ahead of the hoped-for examination date at wa.chair@rscmaustralia.org.au. He will then contact the available examiners to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place for the examination. SVoice for Life 2ome items on the Silver Award Repertoire List will change at the end of 2016.

Section D of Awards is assessed on the basis of testimonials which provide evidence of a candidate’s sustained contribution to their choir and of participation in at least one workshop or festival organised by the local RSCM branch.

The Regulations and Marking Criteria appear at the end of each syllabus.

Examinations for the Gold Award may be possible in Australia if a visiting examiner is available. If a singer is contemplating examination at this level, they will need to contact the Australian coordinator at least twelve months before they expect to be ready to find out whether an examination may be possible.

Bronze and Silver Syllabus 2014
Bronze and Silver Lists 2016
Regulations and Marking Criteria 2014