Organ Crash Course

Price (all sessions): $100 (RSCM Members)
$150 (Non-members)

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the organ? It can be an intimidating thing—it’s the largest, loudest and the most expensive instrument there is.  However, playing the organ—especially in church—is incredibly engaging and rewarding.  But where do you start?

This year, RSCM Queensland offers the Organ Crash Course—a beginners guide to the organ for people who are new to the instrument.  If you can read music, you are welcome in this course.  The sessions will be taken by Adam Hoey, organ custodian at Nazareth Lutheran Church, South Brisbane.  Unlike all our other tutors, Adam is not a professional organist.  He started playing a few years ago and now plays regularly for services, amassing quite a bag of tricks along the way.

What you will learn

Adam will teach many of the basic principles required to kick off your organ playing, including:DSC02701

  • A brief guide to the organ
  • Basic organ technique and practice tips
  • Techniques to make hymns more playable without sacrificing the harmonic integrity of the hymn
  • Registrations for hymns—getting the most out of the fewest changes in stops

Workshops will kick off soon at a time suitable to participants, and run every few weeks for approximately 3 months.  There are 6 workshops in total.

Registration includes a copy of the RSCM UK Resource: The Complete Church Organist Volume 1, valued at over $40.

To register, please email Adam at