Which British cathedral … ?



Which British cathedral …

  • housed the first big collection of two-part church music – back in the 11th century?
  • was a favourite haunt of Jane Austen?
  • hosted the funeral of John Tavener (the convert to Greek Orthodoxy, and famed composer of Blake’s The Lamb)?
  • has the longest nave of any Gothic cathedral in Europe?
  • has its music directed by the leader of RSCM NSW’s first event this year?

Andrew Lumsden is the organist and music director of Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England, UK.

He will be bringing his enviable musical skills to the RSCM workshop preceding the NSW branch’s AGM on 28 February.

Who better to lead us in Stanford in A and Wesley’s Ascribe unto the Lord than the person who oversees eight choral services a week with one of the great choirs of England?

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