Wanted: Organist, St Alban’s Epping


St.Alban’s Anglican Church Epping

St.Alban’s Epping is seeking an Organist who is familiar with Anglican liturgy, to play at two Sunday morning services (one with the Parish Choir), to assist at Wednesday evening Choir Rehearsals, and to play on other occasions as required. The Organist will work in partnership with the Choir Director in leading the musical aspects of worship.

An appropriate stipend will be agreed on. To obtain a job description, please contact the Reverend Paul Weaver by emailing paul@eppinganglicans.org.au or ringing him on 0408-285-776.

If you wish to apply for the position, please send an application with your CV, and names and contact details of two appropriate referees – one of whom should, if possible, be a member of the clergy. We need to receive applications by Friday February 14. Applications can be sent to:

                  The Reverend Paul Weaver
                  St.Alban’s Anglican Church
                  PO Box 79
                  Epping NSW 1710

Canberra Summer School Public Events

If you’re near Canberra, here’s a great chance to learn something of what RSCM does!  You can attend these open events from our National Summer School even if you’re not a Summer School registrant.

  • Monday 11 January Composition Competition Finalists’ Concert/Workshop
    4 pm, The Dining Room, Bruce Hall (ANU Campus), 40 Daley Rd, Acton
     You can park at Bruce Hall, but pop into Reception at Bruce Hall for a parking permit!
  • Wednesday 13 January Evening Service
    7 pm, St Andrew’s.  (A further event may follow.  You may enquire about access to this.)
  • Saturday 16 January Concert Streams
    11 am – 12;30 pm; 2 – 3 pm,  Wesley
  • Sunday 17 January Final Service
    9:30 am – 12:30 pm.  St Peter’s

Follow this page!  It may be updated with further details or with links to them.
Official source: 2016_SS_Timetable.jpg

Venue details:

St Andrew’s: Presbyterian Church of St Andrew, 1 State Circuit, Forrest, ACT

St Peter’s: St Peter’s Lutheran Church, 6 Boolee St, Reid, ACT

Wesley: Wesley Uniting Church, National Circuit, Forrest, ACT

Newcastle Hymn Competition Rules

Hymn Competition Rules

  1. The hymn may be chosen from any specified hymnbook, but preferably from Together in Song (TIS), the hymnbook used by Newcastle Cathedral.
  2. The hymn to be played by the competitor is to be advised upon workshop registration, if the hymn is from TIS. If the hymn is not in TIS, the RSCM NSW secretary should be advised one week prior to the day so that copies of the words may be prepared for the congregation.
  3. The number of verses to be played may be limited by the judges, depending on competitor numbers and time available.
  4. Hymns presented for the preceding workshop cannot be played by the same individual in the competition.
  5. All others present will function as the singing congregation.
  6. The hymn should be preceded by a suitable introduction. It is up to the competitor to decide the length and complexity of the introduction; e.g. to what extent does one seek to display virtuosity vs. how useful vs. potentially distracting to the congregation might the introduction be.
  7. The final verse may be preceded by an interlude, which may or may not involve a key change, at the competitor’s discretion.
  8. The judges will be listening for:
    1. accuracy of playing;
    2. how well the phrasing of the hymn matches the words, and varies from verse to verse as necessary;
    3. registration choices and how well they match the words of each verse.
  9. The competitor is free to follow which setting of the tune he/she chooses, vary the setting from verse to verse, and play harmonic substitutions, according to his/her judgement.
  10. The decisions of the judges will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
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RSCM Director Andrew Reid re-visits Australia

Andrew Reid is the world leader of RSCM, and impresses with his energy, focus, openness and commitment.  He directed the Summer School in Brisbane this January.  With experience in both Anglican and Catholic traditions, as well as a healthy respect for non-conformist contributions, he embodies RSCM’s aims to further church music in all its forms.  We are fortunate to have him in Australia again so soon, this time visiting locations further south.  Have a look at the calendar events!  (The view on this dedicated calendar page allows you to subscribe and to keep abreast of changes.  Alternatively, click an event and get in touch with the registered contact.)Andrew Reid

Which British cathedral … ?



Which British cathedral …

  • housed the first big collection of two-part church music – back in the 11th century?
  • was a favourite haunt of Jane Austen?
  • hosted the funeral of John Tavener (the convert to Greek Orthodoxy, and famed composer of Blake’s The Lamb)?
  • has the longest nave of any Gothic cathedral in Europe?
  • has its music directed by the leader of RSCM NSW’s first event this year?

Andrew Lumsden is the organist and music director of Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England, UK.

He will be bringing his enviable musical skills to the RSCM workshop preceding the NSW branch’s AGM on 28 February.

Who better to lead us in Stanford in A and Wesley’s Ascribe unto the Lord than the person who oversees eight choral services a week with one of the great choirs of England?

See the Events pages for details!

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Inspiring the young

Gone are the days when a church musician could get away with a diet of hymns and standard anthems.

For educators in schools, those days never existed!

I think we should salute the work of people like Stephan Kooper, the leader of the forthcoming Primary Schools’ Workshop in Sydney on 21 October.

If this brochure from last year’s Moorambilla Festival is anything to go by, Stephan will offer a breadth of experience and a vitality that will serve to inspire our primary schoolers with a love of church music.

Revealing previews of the new Catholic Worship Book II

Excitement is mounting over the significant new liturgical music resource for the Catholic Church.  It’s not yet published, but interested members and others will be able to get insights into its scope with the next general RSCM event in NSW.

This event will be held in south-western Sydney, at John the Baptist Catholic Church, Bonnyrigg Heights.

Co-led by David Russell (deputy chair of RSCM NSW) and Bernard Kirkpatrick (a member of the National Liturgical Music Board), the workshop will be “an opportunity to peruse the structure of this new resource and sing through some samples of its contents”.

Pick up the details here (the Google map lets you plan driving or public transport connections, too – click the lower-right corner of the map to do this):  http://rscmaustralia.org.au/?ai1ec_event=catholic-worship-book-ii


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