NSW: Christianity across the Ages

June 2, 2017 @ 9:00 am
The Regional Centre of the Sisters of St Joseph
5 Alexandra Ave
Croydon NSW 2132
Voluntary Donation
Marie Therese Levey rsj (Bookings essential)
02 8741 2341

Special Showing!

Christianity across the Ages

A Journey of Faith and a Journey through the Evolution of Western Music.

This is a Powerpoint Presentation of slides combined with related story-telling by
Marie Therese Levey rsj – music teacher, musicologist, author, specialist in medieval plainchant,

and collector of digital copies of manuscripts and art works from across the centuries.


Entry by voluntary donation

RSVP Email marie.levey@sosj.org.au Bookings essential.

Highlights of the showing will be:

¨ A second century hymn to Mary, Mother of God

¨ The earliest surviving Sacramentary c.700.
(This manuscript was copied by nuns.)

¨ Chants of the Mass in the eighth century.

¨ The earliest readable musical notation.

¨ Eleventh century artwork depictions of Gospel scenes.

¨ A fifteenth century choir of singers – who they were…

And many, many more……

The collection runs into hundreds of slides. If the contents of some manuscripts with 200+ folios are included the number of images would go into thousands.

Enquiries 8741 2341