NAT: SydneyinSpires – Winter School

Reserve this extended week in Sydney for the biggest gathering of church music learning and experience.

Registrations are now open – and encouraged, as Monday 15 April is your last early bird opportunity!

Forms can be scanned and emailed, or printed and posted by downloading from the news page at this link.   A fully online registration opportunity is also mentioned in the pack (see also below).  Read the pack first to understand your options, including payment methods and accommodation.

Visit the dedicated website – you can register online there, too.  (If paying by direct bank transfer rather than credit card, remember to read the first booking page carefully.  You should quote the ‘promotion code’ SiSBT so that no credit card fee applies when your details are taken.)

A number of flyers and brochures are available for download  at this link.
Try to get KidsinSpires and ContemporaryinSpires brochures into the hands of people who could use them!

Accommodation: If staying at St Paul’s College, note the forms were recently revised to indicate that they require 72 hours in the event of a need to cancel.  (This is totally separate from the SydneyinSpires conference cancellation deadlines.)  Note also the instructions about the promo code STPAULSRSCM to apply if booking online with St Paul’s.

Watch this space!  Email to be kept updated*.

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